TASUKE Co.,Ltd. produce a wide variety of content for both mobile and gaming platforms.

tasuke employment information

We always attempt to seek unique individuals who have a selection of the following qualities.

· Willingness to seek hands on experience in a highly dynamic environment, to make use of the company resources creating new potential business oportunities.

· Are somewhat passionate about "ProjectX" and "Harurara".

· The idea of helping a small but steadily expanding company is more appealing to you rather than to work for a larger company.

· Love IT and all digital things, but still appreciate all things analog.

· A desire for a continuous change.

· Your common sense keeps you from doing things, but you still move forward.

· Always brimming with curiosity.

Earning money is important, but with whom and how you do it is of more importance.

As an enterprise business, we highly value sales and trading. Because of this we need our partners to be strong at study of profits, and creation of new business.

To focus only on pursuing earnings is not interesting enought.
If we have to do business together, let's cry and laught and become closer with our partners and custommers.
To find new games and reasons to laught and get suprised, so we do enjoy sharing experiences together.

We are a venture business. You'll have plenty of freedom. It only depends on your own experience and responsability on the job.

We are also content providers, so we need to listen to the customer to know how to deliver the best experiences.
But we are not a big companny with a popular name and a lot of staff.
We have to use the wisdom and business ability force to get business done.
If you feel you can have fun with us, or feel this is a chance for you, we are waiting for your feedback.


Recruiting background:

Present profits are 200% bigger than the previous year(October,2006). While we are growing we try to hire few people with great abilities.
We send new "games" and "laughts" and "susprises" to a lot of people.

Our companny of mobile contents and NintendoDS SoftwareMobile Contents and NintendoDS Software

Sample of the companny Mobile Contents and NintendoDS Software.

·Job Description

Project Management (Mobile Contents and Consummer Games design,management, budget control)

[More Specificaly]

At first you'll take on the management and administration of the existing contents and applications.

·Propose new business

·Review the actual situation of the companny

·External relations/aliances

·Sales promotion plans

·Schedule·costs·members administration

It will be performing the above mentioned dutties for some months.
After that, you'll be asked to start a new contents service or new business plan. Eventualy, if you had a new business idea and was aproved by the staff in a public presentation, the you'll be asked to take that proyect and make it real business.

·Ideal candidate.

  • Academic background and previous experience is not taken into account.
  • We welcome people from different backgrounds!

[More Specificaly]

"I wanna try to do this Work!"

·Mobile Contents,experience in Web applications, experience in editing magazine contents

·Want to do an outstanding, independent job by himself

·Can enjoy having a lot of responsabilities

·Can not stand building only one part of the business, need to take all over.

·To fully undertand the business and go on need somebody to sponsor him.


Roppongi Hills Tower 11F
6-10-1Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo , 106-6111 JapanMap

Subway Hibiya Line, 3 min. walking from Roppongi Sta. Subway ToeiOedo Line, 5 min. walking

·Office Hours

Office Hours10:00?19:00 Anual salary exceeds 4 Million yen. Trial period of 3 months.
*Experience·Capacity·Inteligence are decisive wen deciding the salary.


[Annual income]
8Mill. yen/ Consummer Games Producer · age:30 · 4 y. experience
5.5M yen/ Producer · age:28 · 3 y. exp.
4M yem/ Director · age:26 · 2 y. exp.

·Welfare Program

First year
Bonus is based on perforance, get royalties with achievements
All efforts will be recompensated
All office equipment provided by de companny (Including Notebook Computer)


2 days a week(Sun.& Sat.)
National holidays
Winter holidays
Paid holidays
Special compensation holidays

·How to apply

Don forget the following points wen applying.
*Only selected candidates will be interviewed.

Acceptance Steps

Resume(with picture) ·career history(free format) send it by post or e-mail (click the following button)
2· First screening
3· Second screening
4· Final interview
E-mail applicants メールでの応募エントリーはこちめE border=

Application by Post mail

Address to send documentation
Roppongi Hills Tower 11F
6-10-1Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo , 106-6111 Japan

For job openings and appications send to the following mail address
tasuke co ltd